Between Mankind and Cetaceans | #3

Why here
For the past weeks we had many conversations with locals, some nice, some not. The people confronting us and wanting us out of their country often ask us why are we interfering with their tradition instead of fighting violence against animals in our own country. As I aknowledged previously, there is plenty of abuse against animals in most places on the planet, so indeed, why fighting in someone else's country when you can start in your own ? I believe this is a very good question and I have an answer of my own, possibly fitting to many of us here as well. I will start by saying that I believe it is undeniable that many of us are seeking some adventure along with whatever sort of activism we are practicing, including me. No, I am not just a thrill seeker, it is far more exciting for me to ride my bike downhill in a dense forest past midnight than interacting with resentful Faroese citizens, far cheaper too. The main reason I am protesting in the Faroe Islands is because I am certain that the Grindadrap will not stop any time soon without outside interference. The geography of this place makes it highly resistant to change. Secondly, and I believe this applies to all the Grindadrap protesters here, we are activists in our own countries in various forms. Possibly the main form of activism we practice, and not just in our own country, is veganism. It is an active way of displaying our beliefs and principles, it makes a huge difference in every day life for many, many animals. It is the most important form of protest with deep socio-economic impact.