Below is a collection of Rhino plugins I am currently developing. These plugins are mainly written for my own use, however public builds are available on the Food4Rhino website. The plugins are free to use, however consider donating to support further development.


Released | Luthiers rejoice - Songbird is a parametric Multiscale Fretboard Generator for Rhino. You can use it to generate fanned fretboards for guitars, mandolins, bass guitars, ukuleles or whatever instrument you want to cook up. It also generates standard single scale, non fanned fretboards just as easy, simply
input the same scale length for both first and last string. The plugin exposes a single command called "fretboard". Download it here !

SeaHorse Foils

Released | A plain and simple NACA section generator for Rhino, it exposes a single command, "shFoils". For the moment, only NACA 4 digit sections are implemented, however, 5 digit series are planned to be released as well as a Grasshopper component. The generated sections are placed with the leading edge tip in the origin. I have tested this project, but it is the first release and it might contain bugs. Please use it "as is", it does not come with warranties. Download it here !

shFoils options:
  • Chord - specify chord length
  • Thickness - specify profile thickness as a percentage
  • Max Camber - specify maximum camber
  • Max Camber location - specify location of maximum camber
To install:
  • copy the SeaHorseFoils.rhp file to your favourite Plugin folder
  • after you placed the file where ever you like, drag it into a Rhino window
Note :
  • not compatible with Rhino for OSX
  • not compatible with Rhino 4

SeaHorse Hulls

Released, still developing | A parametric catamaran hull design plugin for Rhino and Grasshopper. This tool is intended to simplify the laborious process of hull lofting by allowing the user to input a few basic parameters and outputting a slender, perfectly faired, high performance catamaran hull. To make the process as user friendly as possible, a few parameters will be blackboxed, leading to the creation of a specific family of hulls, therefore, this is not an all-do all-possible design tool. The hull output focuses on the underwater body performance, the freeboard can therefore be trimmed and different shape aesthetics manually added. Free download here.

shHull parameters:
  • waterline length
  • waterline length/beam ratio
  • bow overhang
  • max draught
  • bow rake
  • prismatic coefficient
  • transom width
  • max width

SeaHorse Hydrostatics

Released, still developing | SeaHorse Hydrostatics is a Rhino and GrassHopper plugin intended to provide (real time -GH) hydrostatic analysis for boat hulls. The plugin is currently in development, but a first public build for Rhino is now available on the Food4Rhino website. The current outputs are hydrostatic properties, more advanced analysis might be available in the future, if there is enough interest in the tool. Get it here.