The Blade range of catamarans was originally designed by Phill Brander. The designs are available as production boats (Blade F16 Mark II), plans for home building (Blade F16 Mark I) and prototypes (Blade F18, Razor F16). Development and prototyping is currently planned and/or underway for the Blade12, Blade14 and Razor F16, as time allows. VIZIBLE is now the official custodian of the designs and the source for up to date information about the development and future of the aforementioned designs. Information about home building plans, shop and frequently asked questions available below.

Blade F16 Mk I

The initial Blade design came in two versions: a production model formerly sold by Vectorworks Marine and a home built version in stressed plywood. Despite its "low-tech" hulls, the home built version is a competitive performer and proven race winner. With a hull shape only slightly different from the production model, the stressed ply version can be built by an enthusiastic and skilled person. Building plans are available in the shop with free worldwide shipping. The plans include:
  • construction booklet detailing the building process and material list (as a .pdf file)
  • full size templates for bulkheads and other assemblies
  • construction jig detail
  • rig detail
The plans do not include daggerboards and rudder details, nor sail design, it is recommended to have these purchased from a commercial builder in equivalent size or taken from a donor boat. The stressed ply version can be build by any averagely skilled person, a good eye for detail and patience are necessary. Previous wood boat building experience is useful and will generally yield lighter, better faired hulls, although common sense, patience, determination, care and observation can make up for the lack of experience. To purchase plans, visit the shop !

Razor F16

The Razor F16 design is the stitch and glue version of the Blade F16 Mk I, built with flat panels and pronounced chines. The hulls will be very easy and fast to build by an average enthusiast on a low budget. The hulls have more volume compared to the Mk I Blade, being well suited for carrying heavier crews. The Razor prototype was first sailed in Victor Harbour, Australia, by Phill Brander, Marcus Towell and Florin Isvoranu, proving itself as a solid performer both up and off the wind. However, the development of the Razor is ongoing and plans are not available for home builders yet. As soon as the plans are available in the shop, it will be announced here and in the news section on VIZIBLE. There are no set dates for the release of the plans and the design and drawing of the plans is being carried on with interruptions. If you desperately want to build an F16 catamaran now, your best option is the Blade Mk I in stressed ply.


  • I want to buy the Blade F16 stressed ply plans but I don't have a Paypal account, any way around this ?
  • Roughly how many sheets of ply are need for the Blade / Razor ?
    • 5 sheets of 4mm and 2 sheets of 3mm ply.
  • Can I get files for CNC cutting ?
    • No.
  • When will be the Razor F16 plans available ?
    • Unless an ETA is publicly specified on this page, there is no other info.
  • Can I build the Blade F16 in foam composite using the plywood plans ?
    • No.
  • Can I build 2 boats from one set of plans ?
    • No, two sets of plans would have to be acquired.

Blade F16 Mk II

The Blade F16 is a product of the Formula16 box rule, a high performance race winning catamaran able to provide a high dose of adrenaline. The production model is sold by FormulaCatamarans Australia, for more information on sales, prices and delivery options visit their new website.