Songbird for Rhino3d released

Luthiers rejoice - Songbird is a parametric Multiscale Fretboard Generator for Rhino. You can use it to generate fanned fretboards for guitars, mandolins, bass guitars, ukuleles or whatever instrument you want to cook up. It also generates standard single scale, non fanned fretboards just as easy, simply input the same scale length for both first and last string. The plugin exposes a single command called "fretboard".

Songbird is free to use for Educational and/or Commercial purposes, don't hesitate to get in touch and please spread the word about Songbird. Get it here. Oh and ... there's a video in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTnV6Y-NSQQ


SeaHorse Hydrostatics 1.5b maintenance release

Tiny update, fixed a bug causing the analysis window and .csv file output not to display/save when the user is working in an unsaved Rhino document. CSV is output on the user's Desktop when working in an unsaved Rhino document, otherwise it will save in the documents working folder. A provision for non standard "Desktop" folder naming is also built in. So far users donated a total of 50.02EUR via the donation button, many thanks. Get the updated SeaHorse on Food4Rhino.


SeaHorse Hydrostatics 1.44b released

Time for an updated SeaHorse. Some internal polishing has been done, but nothing to tell your friends about. New outputs are more important: location of CoB and CoF in relation to WL length, as well as their World XYZ coordinates. Displacement-length and speed-length ratios should give more performance indicators for your hulls. Displacement speed is also added as an output, according to classic theory and light craft method presented in Dave Gerr's book. Known bugs - hull entry and exit angles still misbehave, sometimes computed correctly sometimes showing weird values, I'm working on implementing a better IQ for getting the correct angles. Lastly - the donate button collected 30.02EUR so far, thank you for your support !



It comes from nowhere and it is pretty sweet, like the peaches from our small garden. I've been a keen cyclist for many years and even if I dreamed of a long trip on my bike, I haven't had a chance to do one yet. Today I met Marvin, he contacted me on CouchSurfing and right now he is on the sofa here updating his blog. He just biked 4000km from Koln, Germany to the Black Sea (Constanta/Ovidiu - Romania), in an effort to raise funds for a social project in Nepal. Kudos to Marvin ! You can help out and donate or get involved here.


SeaHorse Hulls for Rhino

Few days back I uploaded a new plugin on Food4Rhino. SeaHorse Hulls is a parametric hull modeler for catamaran hulls, or any slender type hull. It can be used for trimaran amas and akas as well. For the moment, the free version only supports a few basic parameters and I'm still pondering whether to keep the complete toolset free or license it somehow. The complete toolset allows much more control on the shape of the hull, both under and over the water. The tools is already used on 4 production catamarans and development is still underway.