Between Mankind and Cetaceans | #2

Against the Grindadrap
Every confrontation has three sides, or maybe we could say two plus one. The plus one are the indifferent, I will not discuss that side now, although it does deserve a careful observation. The Grind supporters are not just Faroese, but Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and other nationalities, as it is quite common among many or most nations to regard animals as food or objects of convenience. The protesters are from all over the world as well, each with their own reasons and interests, some believe in the agenda of an organization while some walk a path of their own. What ever incentive, we stand here united, with a common goal, a highly questionable one, in the eyes of the Faroese. So, why do we stand against the Grindadrap ? As I cannot and do not want to speak for all, I can at least share my reasons. I find it terribly sad and depressing to live within and to interact with a society where you actually have to justify why you want animals not to be murdered, tortured and abused. To me it is simply ridiculous and abnormal to have to justify pacifism. On the other hand, the killing of animals should receive the utmost scrutiny and people should have to justify the killing with proper reasons. The only reason I could probably accept is the respectful and quick killing of animals in regions of the planet where agriculture is completely impossible and the survival of people in those areas is directly dependent on animals as a food source. However, we are living here today, among the Faroese, and it is clear to any decently educated person that the survival of the Faroese is not dependent on the Grindadrap. This is an undisputable fact.