Between Mankind and Cetaceans | #4

Meet Ellen
The volunteers are coming and going here, some can stay for a couple of weeks, others for months. It is great to meet new, like minded people and it also feels quite sad when they leave, their stories and involvement in various animal liberation movements are truly inspiring. Ellen arrived a couple of weeks ago and she's been a little bit of a glue for our team so far. Her involvement here is also part of her research and I find her area of study quite interesting, Critical Animal Studies. With a sparkling personality, get-go attitude and great vegan cooking skills, she's also a trouble magnet and was already slightly hit by some Faroese locals with their car, while she was assisting our team members at a slipway. The locals are doing the best they can to prevent us from using the slipways, having orders from above, they don't shy away from using a bit of violence. Ellen writes about her experiences on the Faroe Islands here.
I am a sucker for bubbly people.