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Blade F16 MkI stressed ply building drawings

Get your hands dirty now ! Actually, you should use protective gloves when dealing with nasty chemicals like epoxies and paints. The Blade F16 is a solid performing beach catamaran, easy to build in stressed ply by an enthusiast tinkerer. Above all, building your own boat is an adventure in itself, so enjoy it !
Warning: attempting to build and sail your own boat may result in death, property damage, injuries, health hazards, allergy worsening, loss of time and money. The drawings and design of the Blade are based on years of sailing and boat building experience, however they carry no structural integrity guarantees and may even contain errors. The builder(s) and crew of the boat are the only persons responsible for any property damages, injuries, health hazards, death and financial loss resulting from sailing the boat in any conditions or from the building process itself. Neither VIZIBLE nor the original designer may be held responsible for any hazards associated with building and sailing the Blade F16 Mk I.
Plans cost is 245EUR and includes worldwide tracked shipping. Only one boat can be built from one set of plans. The PDF construction manual will be sent electronically after payment.
Not available yet.