NACA 4 digit asymmetrical

I did a bit more Sunday coding today, SeaHorse Foils is now updated and supports NACA 4 digit asymmetrical foils. There is still only one command exposed shFoils, it asks for Chord, Thickness, Max Camber and Max Camber Location. If the latter 2 are not provided, the resulting foil will be a 00XX symmetrical foil. The sampling for the asymmetrical foils is tweaked, just like the symmetrical series sampling, however not identical, since the asymmetrical foils have a bit more definition on the bottom part near the trailing edge. All inputs take decimals too, not just integers, so you can create "exotic" foils. The downside is that most of the McNeel team seems to be on vacation so my plugin is not yet published on Food4Rhino yet. Anyway, next step is 5 digit NACA foil series. Oh... and the plugin is still free.