New video recorded @Evolute

Today, or yesterday actually, I posted a new video I recorded @Evolute, on panel clustering with EvoluteTools PRO. I will briefly explain here what we actually do in there for the non-techies, math-gurus or architects. If you have to manufacture a large number of unique panels, which are similar in size and shape, it takes quite some time to program your semi-automatic cutting tools, even worse if it involves manual labour. What if, instead, you could group the panels which are very close to identical (within a certain tolerance) and fit a single panel to that whole group ? Well, that is exactly what the software does in the video, it identifies the groups of nearly identical panels and fits a single panels to all those shapes. So, let's say instead of manufacturing 36 nearly identical panels, one would manufacture 36 panels of the same shape. Pretty neat. The colouring of the groups shown in the video is not actually part of EvoluteTools yet, it is just something I scripted (Rhino.Script) for this video, to be able to identify the clusters easier. The new recording is visible here.